A Cloud Phone System Is A Professional Business Upgrade

Being a small business can be challenging in many ways, but advances in technology is streamlining and making business services more affordable for everyone, including entrepreneurs and family operated businesses.

A cloud phone system is one of these great advancements. 

Twenty years ago only larger businesses could afford to install a professional business cloud phonephone system to handle incoming phone calls. Of course, this meant that someone in the Organization had to spend a substantial amount of money to purchase a PBX system to route phone calls, offer extensions, play music on hold, forward calls to the next available representative and accept voicemail messages.

Now all of that technology is available to anyone by way of a Cloud Business Phone system. Unlike many other phone systems being used today, you don’t have to buy new handsets because it works with phones that you’re already using – whether it’s a LAN line or a cell phone.

Getting started is easy as selecting a business phone number – you can choose from a local phone number, a toll-free number or even a vanity phone number  – and setting your preferences to begin routing phone calls within your organization. You can add extensions, offer customizable menu greetings for business hours as well as after hours navigation, allow callers to dial by extension, play audio clips as a navigation selection and offer music on hold, just to name a few calling features you – and your clients – are sure to enjoy.

If you want to upgrade your business’ professional image, a cloud phone system is sure to be just the ticket to doing just that. Integration is simple and you can start taking business calls wherever you – or your employees – go. This gives you more flexibility to take care of the things you need to – and take business related phone calls even when you’re away from your desk.

To find out more about this great new technology and how it can help your business grow, please visit: http://cloudbusinessphone.org to sign up today!

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