Ways to be anonymous online

Internet privacy concerns aren’t any longer just realm of terrorists, hackers, and cybercriminals. Internet identity if compromised will make users prime target for various kinds of illegal activities and identity thefts. There are several individuals who are worried about safety when online and hence look TRUSTe-Internet-Users-Growing-Privacy-Concernsfor ways to surf anonymously so as to protect their identity. In this digitalised age if you want to keep your online activities safe and secure then you need to follow some basic precautionary steps that also serve towards disguising and hiding your identity. Prior to talking about ways of being anonymous online, let us see what anonymity is. Sites are nowadays tracking visitors for serving advertisements and linking to social media. Each time when users visit a site their IP address (internet protocol), browser used by them, their OS, what links they clicked, what website they are coming from, and how much time they are investing on one website is recorded. Moreover, all primary search engines will store search history of users so as to compile and analyse them for targeting much accurate advertisements and offering relevant search results.

Social networking sites are also tracking you wherever you are going. In case users are logged on to any social networking website, those networks will be tracking their browser history especially if the website one has visited has social networking plugins such as Retweet, Like, and so on. Internet Service Provider is capable of analysing network traffic and seeing what all one is doing on internet. Surfing anonymously completely isn’t possible even if you are using best tools and techniques for doing so. Given below are few ways of being anonymous online.

  • IP hider software – Installing these software is pretty simple as these get installed within seconds with minimum clicks ip hider softwarerequired. These software allow users to access blocked sites as well as bypass filters. There are few IP hider tools that offer online privacy just by cleaning online tracks. Maximum IP hider tools allow adding manually proxy so that users can add proxy of their own. One can update their proxy list periodically as well as check for the new proxies that are available. Generally IP Hider tool providers offer yearly subscription packages for hiding proxy. There are options that will help you change connections as well as randomize connections on a regular basis. The aim of these software solely is to prevent identity of users from unethical or illegal activities.
  • Password Manager – Users should make use of password manager for keeping strong passwords. In case users have used internet for more than a week, there are chances that their password is being scanned or tracked. In case one is planning using slight variations password or same password for more than one website, they are at massive security risk. Suppose their one site is hacked, other account can also be hacked easily. Here you can use password manager that will not only remember passwords for every website that users visit but would also allow users to create random and strong passwords. Moreover, if you are using password manager tools, you don’t require worrying about remembering passwords.
  • Virtual Private Network (VPN) – VPN offers high level of security as it makes use of advanced authentication and encryption protocols. Using VPN, you can access all kinds of applications anonymously such as emails, chats, browsers, etc. Basically Virtual Private Network is encrypted connection that is between the server and user. Traditionally VPN service was used by corporate environments for remote workers to securely and remotely make use of company resources. You can consider VPN as tunnel through internet connecting users with a server directly.
  • Secure Shell (SSH) – Secure Shell tunnel often is referred to as poor man’s VPN as it can offer few features as VPN without much complicated server setting-up activity, though there are some limitations with SSH. This system is solely designed for network traffic forwarding. In general, SSH is employed for securely acquiring as well as using remote terminal sessions. It makes use of strong encryption where users can set their SSH client for acting as SOCKS proxy. Post SSH is operational, one can configure their applications on system- like their browser for using SOCKS proxy. Traffic will enter SOCKS proxy that is running on local system and SSH client will forward it via SSH connection. This process is called SSH tunnelling as well and it works similar to VPN. Traffic between SSH server and computer would be encrypted hence the browser can encrypt connections just as it could if using VPN.
  • TOR – This software is free and is used to enable anonymous communications. The name TOR is derived from actual project that is The Onion Router. This software will direct tor-routinginternet traffic via worldwide, free, volunteer network that includes 6000 plus relays for concealing location and usage of user from conducting traffic analysis or network surveillance. When using TOR, it becomes tough for internet activities to get tracked: it includes different forms of communications, instant messages, visit to sites, and online posts. Use of Tor is for protecting user’s personal privacy and their ability as well as freedom of conducting confidential communication thereby keeping internet activities of theirs away from being monitored. Users can make use of Tor browser. This would act as multiple proxies wherein it would bounce traffic between several relays prior to reaching its destination. Traffic that is going through Tor Browser would be anonymized and TorBrowser browsing would be comparatively slower than other regular internet browsers.
  • Throwaway Email – Make use of throwaway email for registering to websites. Ensure that email address isn’t containing any kind of personal information as well as it shouldn’t be linked to the account that is storing personal information of the user.
  • Privacy-oriented Search Engines – Making use of primary search engines like Yahoo, Bing, Google, etc. that will allow them to track all that users are searching as well as link them to IP address of the system. Instead users can use alternative search engines that don’t track searches and some of these are StartPage and DuckDuckGo.

Tips on how to use email service securely

Email account is now an important part of our personal identity because today we do our correspondence and communication. One email account holds lot of personal information about you and this is why it is important to use email service securely. There are a few tips that can be followed for secure emailmaking email service more secure. First thing to do is to have a strong password. There are few very common passwords that are quiet simple to crack and guess and this is why it is good to have a password that has mix of digits, letters and special characters. When accessing your email account on a device that is not yours it is very important to log out instead of closing window.

The recovery email account should also be secure. You must never write your passwords or save them as a file that can be found by using word password. One very important thing to do is to avoid accessing email accounts on public networks like in a free Wi-Fi zone. It is quite easy to access information and public domains. You should set mobile alerts for getting information about change in password or any other sensitive information about your email account.

At times we get many span emails in our account. Some of them ask for some of your information against a promise of some huge sum of money or a prize, which is called email phishing. One must never reply to such emails. Divulging any kind of personal information may help hackers in accessing your account. Log in information must never be shared with anyone. In case you have to share it at some occasion then it must be changed as soon as you can.

While selecting a security question it is very important to do that with lot of care. Many questions like your pets name or name of your school are some questions for which the answers might be known to your close friends or people who have been with you for a long time. If your email id is associated with your bank account then security of your email account becomes even more important. Keeping a little information about your account only up to email servicesyou, might be a good thing. It is advisable to keep the password of your account as small little secret about you.

Certain domains are more secure than others and this is why more popular. You must keep your email account with a domain that offers more security features especially if that email account is associated with your business or professional information in any manner. Some anti-viruses also offer security of email account as a feature. This should be helpful in adding another layer of security to your account.

Is It Time To Update My Dental Care Website?

Does your dental practice website look like it was ‘caught’ in 2003?

If you answered “yes” to this question, there’s no reason to be upset. Everyone knows that the best dentists spend their time helping patients to have a clean, healthy smile and sometimes technological details – like a clean, modern, attractive website might fall to the wayside in your pursuit of providing trusted, pain-free dental care to your patients.

Let’s face it, in 2012 the Internet is a much different looking place than what it was in 2003. Google wasn’t a publicly traded company. MySpace.com was a top social networking website and Facebook hadn’t even been launched yet. Many people still relied on dial-up networking in order to connect to the internet with a 56K connection. Most websites were created using programs such as Dreamweaver, Microsoft FrontPage or by hard coding your site yourself. It wasn’t uncommon for it to take 3 minutes for a website to completely load.

make-dentist-websiteFast forward to present day. Google has been traded on the NASDAQ for years now, MySpace doesn’t have the audience it once did, Facebook is a top application that connects people to friends and family on mobile phones, tablets and computers no matter where they may be. Dial up networking connections have been replaced with Cable, DSL, Satellite and Fiber Optic connections that provide an ‘always on’ connection for multiple devices. The introduction of AJAX and other programming languages provide for a faster, cleaner website load so you don’t have to sit there waiting on a hourglass anymore.
The introduction of better internet technology is one reason to consider upgrading
As you can see from just the few examples above, the availability of technology has made it better and easier than ever to design your own website without the need for a costly website designer. Web Presence Builder gives you all of the tools that you need to easily build an attractive dentistry site that’s search engine friendly, has clean HTML code, provides over 60 pre-configured color schemes, has social media sharing tools built right in, has “one-click” Facebook Page publishing, has numerous “drag and drop” modules such as Image Galleries, Advertising blocks, sitewide video and text embedding, easy page publication and even allows you to publish your website changes instantaneously on modern cloud infrastructure.

Another feature that makes Web Presence Builder a preferred solution is “one-click” Google Analytics Integration so you can analyze how your site looks to Google. This helps give you insight into user metrics such as Time on Site, Click Paths, Site Speed, site referrers and other key information you need to know about your site visitors and site reports.

If you’re on outdated website software, you could be hurting yourself

Since Search engines are taking everything more seriously, having the best website that you can have is essential! Clean codes, fast loads and social sharing tools put your dentistry website at the top of the class and lets potential clients know more about the dental care services you provide – whether it’s preventative dental care, dental cleanings, root canals, children’s dentistry, veneers, braces, fillings, dentures or teeth whitening. Additionally, you can provide specific information about accepted payments, insurance plans, office hours and appointment requirements.

This solution is perfect if you’re launching a local advertising campaign because you can rely on your website always being there when it’s needed – which is essential on the Internet today.

To learn more about this affordable software solution, you’re cordially invited to take a Free Demo here and discover the difference today.

Here’s How Anyone Can Make A Website The Easy Way

You no longer have to be an expert in web design just to make a great website.  Using web site maker software, anyone with the technical ability to edit emails can now produce a complete website.  It’s as simple as logging into your control panel and launching your Web Presence Builder.  This is a far cry from what used to pass as the process for website development.

Website development is no longer a craft reserved for well-trained craftsmen.  Anyone with the ability to learn can master this simple editing tool for Website-builderswebsites, allowing them to create as many websites as they need, without breaking a sweat.  The best site builder makes its users better, and that’s exactly what this one does.

Building a website should be as stressful as sending an email.  The simple it is to learn and use, the better for all involved.  In fact, 20% of small business owners don’t even have a website.  Many of them cite the reason as being they can’t afford a web design firm, and they don’t possess the requisite skills to build a compelling web presence on their own.

Reduce Your Online Go-To-Market Time

If you have an idea for a website, you need to act on it fast. There’s no reason to delay, because if you do, a competitor may get there first. Using website making software, you will significantly reduce the time it takes for you to get your idea to a finished web development project.

Making a complete website requires getting a lot of small details right. The more things that are perfect, the more likely your project will achieve. These days there so many websites that only the best will get any notice. Adding lots of features and functions helps keep your visitors coming back for more. After they become familiar with your brand, they’re likely to want to do business with you. That’s why you need social sharing tools and a contact form. You need to make it easy for people to get in touch with your business. If you do, they’ll be likely to contact you and transact business.

Since Web Presence Builder is included with your cloud hosting plan, it doesn’t cost you anything extra. This alleviates the need to buy expensive standalone design programs. Not only that, but software upgrades are completed automatically ‘on the cloud.’ You won’t be stuck with an old outdated version of a program that leaves you vulnerable to attack. Your fully managed hosting plan will ensure you’re never on your own if a problem or questions arises.

Web design is heading to the cloud, which will greatly simplify the process for everyone. Join the revolution and you can reap the benefits of this paradigm shift.  Building a do it yourself homepage is withing the reach of everyone.

Top Web Listing Services To Submit Sites To

Building  quality links to a website is a time consuming task. That’s why savvy site promoters use web listing services and web directories. They provide a reference to their own website.

While some people think that web site directories aren’t effective,  human edited web listing services that are managed are still reliable.

Web directory services periodically review their listed sites, for quality assurances. Editors prefer that listed sites are being maintained by a responsible webmaster.Top Web Directories For Site Inclusion

If you’re looking for the top web listing services and site directories, consider this list:

  • Yahoo Directory – Yahoo’s directory is one of the oldest directories on the Internet. Website review and listing fees for a regular website is $299.00 USD. Adult web listing services are $600.00 USD annually. All listing services provided by Yahoo! Directory are completed within 7 days of payment.
  • Sootle Web Directory – Sootle Web Directory has been serving the Internet since 2003. Sootle’s web listing services offers multiple categories. There’s a one time website review fee of $19.99 USD. All website submissions are completed in 24 hours. Rejected sites are refunded.
  • NMWLS Directory – The New Media Web Listing Service directory offers popular top level categories. Web listing services cost $19.99 USD each. All listing services are completed within 24 hours. Rejected websites are refunded.
  • DMOZ – The Open Directory Project is an aged directory that you should consider submitting your website to. DMOZ is maintained by a group of volunteer editors. DMOZ doesn’t accept payments to expedite web listing listing services, so your website – and everyone else’s -will be reviewed in the order it was received. You could  wait days, weeks, months or even years to have your site listed, depending on the category editor.
  • Business.com – Business.com is another paid website directory to consider. There’s a $299.00 USD website review and listing fee for an annual inclusion in their business directory.

This is just a short list of top website directories  and web listing services that you should consider using. These services can help boost your website. I hope that you found it helpful and thank you for reading!

Email Security Issues You Might Not Have Thought Of

If you’re like millions of other people, chances are you rely on Email communications to stay in touch with clients, partners, business associates and personnel.

While sending an Email is easy to do, here are some Email Security issues that you might not have thought of before hitting the send button.

  • Email is not secure – By default, Email is not a secure method of communication if it’s sent by way of plain text. This means that any messages that aren’t encrypted could potentially be intercepted by an unauthorized third party and disseminated by them. The only way to truly send a secure Email message is by incorporating Email encryption into your daily business practices.
  • Email that isn’t filtered is like a hornet’s nest – If you aren’t using Email security services to filter out unwanted Emails, your business or Organization is likely getting bombarded with Emails that contain suspicious links, untrusted file attachments and phishing attempts. The more people you have accessing unfiltered Email addresses on your corporate network, the higher the chances that one of these employees will accidentally click on something that they shouldn’t have. You’re pretty much just waiting to get stung.
  • Outbound Email could get flagged – If you’re having troubles with your Internal Email addresses – like a virus outbreak – don’t be surprised if your outgoing Email has issues, too. This could mean having your outgoing mail servers ‘blacklisted’ preventing you from sending Email to your recipients and an overall communication breakdown that could affect your business operations, which is never good.

How Should I Address These Email Security Issues?email security

Luckily for you, these issues are easy to resolve with SaaS based security services. If you find yourself concerned with protecting sensitive data sent by way of Email, please click here for a no obligation quote on encryption services. If you’re more concerned with removing remote threats sent by Email, please Click here for a no obligation quote on Email Security services and a representative will be in touch with you shortly!