Email Security Issues You Might Not Have Thought Of

If you’re like millions of other people, chances are you rely on Email communications to stay in touch with clients, partners, business associates and personnel.

While sending an Email is easy to do, here are some Email Security issues that you might not have thought of before hitting the send button.

  • Email is not secure – By default, Email is not a secure method of communication if it’s sent by way of plain text. This means that any messages that aren’t encrypted could potentially be intercepted by an unauthorized third party and disseminated by them. The only way to truly send a secure Email message is by incorporating Email encryption into your daily business practices.
  • Email that isn’t filtered is like a hornet’s nest – If you aren’t using Email security services to filter out unwanted Emails, your business or Organization is likely getting bombarded with Emails that contain suspicious links, untrusted file attachments and phishing attempts. The more people you have accessing unfiltered Email addresses on your corporate network, the higher the chances that one of these employees will accidentally click on something that they shouldn’t have. You’re pretty much just waiting to get stung.
  • Outbound Email could get flagged – If you’re having troubles with your Internal Email addresses – like a virus outbreak – don’t be surprised if your outgoing Email has issues, too. This could mean having your outgoing mail servers ‘blacklisted’ preventing you from sending Email to your recipients and an overall communication breakdown that could affect your business operations, which is never good.

How Should I Address These Email Security Issues?email security

Luckily for you, these issues are easy to resolve with SaaS based security services. If you find yourself concerned with protecting sensitive data sent by way of Email, please click here for a no obligation quote on encryption services. If you’re more concerned with removing remote threats sent by Email, please Click here for a no obligation quote on Email Security services and a representative will be in touch with you shortly!

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