My Man Is Ignoring Me – What Should I Do?

So your relationship has been going along pretty well for the most part, but lately you’ve been sensing a distance and you’re wondering “my man is ignoring me – what should I do?”

Why my man is ignoring me

You’ve went through all the possible reasons for his distance. He’s had to work overtime. He was assigned extra projects at work. His family or friends have demanded more of his time. He’s preoccupied with personal concerns.

Any of these things – or a thousand other reasons – could be causing a difficult situation with your man. The question is how to turn this situation around to your advantage. Many women rely on pure luck or chance. Some hope and pray that things will somehow fix themselves or get better with time.

The truth is when your man is ignoring you, the sooner that you can take action to focus his attention on you, the better.

Luckily, there’s a step by step approach that you can use to change your situation right now!

My Man Is Ignoring Me – Example Approach #1

Let’s use this common example. Your man has been ignoring you a lot lately and is always busy working. While you respect his desire to earn more money, it doesn’t change the fact that you want him to spend time with you, too.

Most women take a direct approach to the issue and might bring it up this way.

Woman – “Why don’t you have time for me anymore?”

Man – “I have a lot of work to do. I can’t help it that I’m busy.”

Woman – “It seems like you’re always working and that I mean very little to you.”

Man – “Why don’t you understand why I work so hard?”

Woman – “It just seems like you don’t really love me anymore.”

As you can see, this type of conversation isn’t productive and is likely to end up  in a petty argument with no solution in sight. It might even drive a larger wedge between you both.

Here’s the one thing you didn’t know.

In order for your man to understand your feelings, you have to understand your man and his motives as well. When you’re able to understand each other and meet each other halfway, it’s easier to find a middle ground and work from there. In many cases, if you make an effort to understand his situation and cater to his needs he’ll want to do the same for you.

My Man Is Ignoring Me – Example Approach #2

You can see where the first example approach can have negative results. Instead of coming at your man directly about the issue, try this approach.

Woman – “I consider myself fortunate that you’re my partner. You work so hard to provide for me and I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your efforts – and you. A woman couldn’t ask for anyone better.”

Man – ” That’s sweet of you to say and thanks for your thoughtful words. I’m lucky to have you in my life as well.”

Woman – “I don’t mean to bother you, but I just feel like spending some time with you today. But if you’re busy maybe we can do this later?”

Man – “Hey doll thanks for understanding. How about this – I’m almost finished with this project – if you can give me an hour or so to wrap it up, we can go out and grab a bite to eat for dinner – your choice of restaurants.”

Woman – “I would love that! How does Red Lobster sound? It’s been forever since we’ve had a Surf-N-Turf. I know that you love their biscuits.”

Man – “It’s a date! Let me finish this up as quickly as I can and we’ll go.”

Look at how different these two essentially the same conversations went.

The first conversation went sideways and resulted in an argument and the second one resulted in a nice dinner out.

Which result would you rather have? I’ll bet it’s the second.

Your Approach Is What Makes The Difference

It’s a fact that no one enjoys being confronted. What you say and how you say it really can make a difference in how your man  responds to  you. Imagine if you were given a set of tools and  tactics that guide  you exactly how to handle various situations with a man and always get the end result you wanted.

If  you’re thinking that your relationship is far more complicated than the one you described, don’t worry.. there is a solution for you, too.

All you need to do is click on the link below and watch the video to the very end to learn the psychology that drives your man and use it to your advantage when ever needed.

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